Monday, July 17, 2006

Coordinating outfit!

Here's my first entire coordinating outfit!

While my sister was here visiting from Georgia we went on a shopping trip for inspirational fabric. We discovered this wonderful green fabric with big bold floral pattern across it.

After selecting some colorful trims to use, I set to work. The dress was originally entirely white, we picked it up at Old Navy last summer on clearance. I added ribbon trim and created a fun floral tie-on using the same fabrics and trims as I used in the shoe construction.

The fabric flower can be tied on, or pinned in place. I envision the flower tied on a shoulder strap of the dress, or perhaps on a belt loop of a pair of shorts.

I am really happy with the finished results, it was hard to see it leave with my sister at the end of her visit. Thankfully there is more of the fabric, so I think Mielle will have a similar pair of shoes in the very near future! Then she and her cousin can have matching shoes! (Hey Mar, Brian will just love that, won't he!)

Friday, July 14, 2006

Funky Red Asian Print with Black and White Splash

I just finished this gorgeous pair of shoes as a special order, and wanted to share the photos.

I just love the color contrast between the rich red Asian print and the Black and White spots. I added a strip of red across the heel to help balance the color story.

I choose a soft and supple black leather for the foot. I consider these to be more of a dressy pair. I hope they are well loved by the little girl who is getting them as a gift!