Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Fun Embellishments!

Jasper and I wanted to show you a few of our favorite patches...

Let me know if you want any of these cuties to come home to your house!

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Hot Pink Floral Footsie's

Dramatic hot pink shoes with feminine flowers
Hot Pink with black flowers $30 ~ 4T to 5T

Hot pink with brown leather bottoms ~ $30 ~ 5T to 6T

Heel detail ~ blue ribbon trim with matching flower

More Pirate Booty, Matey!

A crew of pirate shoes...

Black Denim with Blue Skull and Crossbones ~(Peace Symbol on heel) $30 ~5T

Greenish Khaki ~ ripstop fabric ~ black leather bottoms

Skulls and Beetles $30 ~2T

Crossbones $30 ~2T

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Bright Blossoms

Custom order finished today

Flowers wrap around heel

Let me tell you about...

The birds and the bees...

Size 5T to 6T ~ available now $25.00

Dark Denim ~ Brown leather bottoms

Bees on heels also

Friday, September 11, 2009

Aurora's Butterflies are ready to fly!

I just finished up these sweet little shoes for Aurora,
and I wanted to show them off.

These butterflies really pop!

Bananas on the heels....

Looking for Leather


I'm running out of leather! That's right, no leather, no shoes. Yeah... bummer.
So, I had this idea.....

Send me a leather coat and I'll send you a custom pair of soft soled children's shoes.
I keep the leather, you keep the shoes.

Any Takers?

If interested e-mail me at bananamamar@hotmail.com , or send me a message at Facebook and I'll give you my mailing address.

Then, go outline your kids foot. Have them stand on a piece of paper and trace around their foot.

If you have a measuring tape, measure the top of their foot at the widest width (from the ground, across and over, to the ground again) and length, from the big toe to the front of the ankle.

Add Child's name and address, age, standard shoe size and any info about colors, embellishments... flowers or pirates, hearts or horses, fleece or denim...

You can go purchase iron-on's of your choice, (Jo-Anne Fabrics, Michaels... Truckers Union) and mail them to me if you are so inclined. It's pretty fun to pick them out!

If you don't give me this info, then I'll have to bug you about it. Unless, of course you like getting e-mails from me, and then responding to them..... which is kinda fun, I know.

wink, wink... nudge, nudge.

Anna Banana

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Funky Purple Pirate Booties

A Circle of Friends

Working with pirate themed boys shoes inspired me to create some "girlie pirate booties", finding a collection of glittery pink pirate iron-on's was fun. I must admit, this mama gets tired of flowers and butterflies, and likes to shake things up a bit.

I hope you all enjoy theses funky little shoes as much as I do.

Skulls on Parade

Skull detail

Skulls and Stripes
(heel detail - skull with anchor)

Skulls and Stripes
5T to 6T
available now $30.oo

Pirate Booties for Princesses
(heel detail- winged skulls)

Pirate Booties for Princesses
12 to 18 month
available now $25.00

Mielle's Montessori Shoes
special order only

Beautiful Butterflies
(heel detail - butterfly)

Beautiful Butterflies
3T to 4T
available now $25.00

In the Garden
(heel detail - heart)

In the Garden
3T to 4T
available now $25.00

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Khaki cuties

Soft Khaki Shoes

Tristan's Tractors
available in custom order only
(heel detail-skulls)

Tractors at work

Tender Hearts
size 12 to 18 month

available now $25.00
Send me an e-mail if interested
custom orders always welcome!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Aaaargh! Pirate booties!

Here be the loot!

A few fun pirate themed shoes

For pirates of all ages!

The line-up

Baby Buchaneer - size 6 to 12 month
available now $25

Rainbow trim - size 4t to 5t

available now $25

Rainbow trim - 4t to 5t
front view

JP's Pirate booties -size 2t
special order only

JP's Pirate booties - size 2t

Pirate Treasure - 4t to 5t
available now $35

Pirate treasure - heel detail